Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Thank you for taking your time to look over “Virtues of an Artist” a quick seminar explaining years of information in a heavy couple of hours. I will be going over very serious techniques about understanding what needs to be done for one to be a successful Tattoo Artist. In this seminar there will be so many tricks and tips of the trade revealed that you will feel and see the difference the next day. From marketing issues to understanding your clients skin to understanding compositional skill that makes peoples jaws drop. All this and many more techniques and skills will come to you with my great vocal teaching ability and one on ones after the seminar is complete…

The seminar also includes a wonderful rotary machine that is the same one I use every day, as well as an informational book containing many tattoo application secrets, using the rotary for many style tattoos from realism to traditional. At the low price of 150$ Every one that has taken this seminar before has really felt the benefits and were very happy with what I gave to them. If your striving to be better for your self and others, please take my seminar into consideration.

Thank you,

Nick Malasto


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